Sheffield Honey Show 2022

This year the honey show was held in Hector’s House at the JG Graves Woodland Discovery Centre, Ecclesall Woods, Sheffield. The show was combined with a BBQ/Picnic in the Oak Area. The BBQ started at approximately 3pm, wrapping up about 5pm. Exhibits for the Honey Show were brought to Hector’s House before judging started at 2pm. The show was not just about jars of honey though, entrees included, amongst other classes, wax candles, cut comb, decorative wax, photographs, honey cakes and mead. Judging was undertaken by Peter Lewis assisted by stewards Roger Lyons, Sarah Romanowski and Paul Durkin. Prizes were presented at 5:00. Once again Tony and Olga Lane were very successful in submitting entries and were awarded five of the seven trophies available for their efforts. Other successful trophy winners were Bronwen White and Peter Jackson.

Judge Peter Lewis taking notes at the successful honey show