Children & Vulnerable Adults Protection Policy

Sheffield Beekeepers’ Association seeks to safeguard all its members. It is the responsibility of all of us to prevent the physical, sexual or emotional abuse of children (people aged under 18) and vulnerable adults.

1       Children and vulnerable adults must be accompanied by parents/ carers at all times.

1.1      Other adults will not be left alone with children or vulnerable adults, neither will they meet children or vulnerable adults offsite without a parent or otheradult present.

1.2      No private correspondence should take place with children or vulnerable adults. All letters, emails and texts should be copied to parents/carers wherever possible and to the SBKA committee.

2       SBKA have nominated child protection officers, responsible for this policy. They are named in Schedule 1 together with their contact details. Any concerns should be raised with either of them.

3       This policy will apply to all paid staff, members and volunteers of Sheffield Beekeepers’ Association. 

4       Volunteers will only work with children and vulnerable adults at association events who are accompanied by parents or carers at all times.

4.1      Parents should not be sent out of sight; if the child or vulnerable adult is to be left alone with someone it must be their parent or carer and not a volunteer.

5       Volunteers will treat children and vulnerable adults fairly. If members are in doubt about the suitability/behaviour of volunteer who is helping children or vulnerable adults they should discuss their concerns with the child protection officer.

6       Any one wishing to work with children and vulnerable adults will be asked to fill in a confidential Disclosure Form stating their acceptance of all aspects of this policy and their suitability to volunteer including the statement that they do not have convictions which would bar them from working with children.  

6.1      The association will confirm, as part of this form before appointment, that there is no known reason why the applicant should not work with children, such decision being taken by the committee meeting in cameraand with the input of the Child Protection Officer. The form will be duplicated and a copy shall be kept in a file maintained by each Child Protection Officer.

6.2      Should the committee meeting recommend that the applicant should not work with children or vulnerable adults then this should be recorded on the Disclosure Form.

6.3      The minutes of the committee meeting should record the name of the applicant under consideration and refer to the existence of the Disclosure Form but should not record the decision either way.

7       There should be no doubt about the suitability of the volunteer.

8       Should association activities develop such that volunteers or paid staff will require to work with children and vulnerable adults for a significant time then this policy may not be sufficient protection for all concerned. Individuals involved in such work will be required to agree to DBS checks (Disclosure and Barring Service checks) to be carried out. 

9       Voluntary work will be subject to a probationary period of twelve months.

10    Any disclosures or reports of child abuse should be directed to NSPCC, childline, social services, schools or a child protection officer.

11    This Document was adopted as official SBKA Policy at the Committee Meeting held 11 January 2016.

Schedule 1: SBKA Child Protection Officers

  1. Name withheld from website
  2. Name withheld from website

Schedule 2: Disclosure Form

Sheffield Beekeepers’ Association               
SBKA Children & Vulnerable Adults Protection Policy
Application to Work as a Volunteer 
Name of applicant  Date:  
I declare
I have read the SBKA Children & Vulnerable Adults Protection Policy, am familiar with its contents and agree to work in accordance with its requirements and guidelines. Yes/No
I am a fit and proper person to work with children and vulnerable adults Yes/No
I have not been charged with an offence relating to children.  Yes/No
I have not been the subject of a police investigation relating to children.  Yes/No
I have not had disciplinary action taken against me in a workplace regarding my interaction with a child.   Yes/No
 Disclosure & Barring Service Certificate No. (if applicable):Expiry date 
Signed (applicant)
I confirm that the applicant has been given a copy of the SBKA Children & Vulnerable Adults Protection Policy (printed or electronic) and has completed this form.Signed (Child Protection Officer)                                                                                                                         Date 
I confirm that the committee has discussed the suitability of the above person to work with children or vulnerable adults andhas been given no reason why the applicant might be unsuitable to work in such a contextrecommends that the applicant should not be permitted to work with children or vulnerable adults Date of Relevant Committee Meeting:  Signed (Chair)                                                                                                                         Date 

Schedule 3: Guidelines

1       If you think a child is in immediate danger

1.1      Don’t delay – call the police on 999

1.2      or call the NSPCC on 0808 800 5000, straight away.

2       If you are working with Children or Vulnerable Adults

2.1      Make sure you are familiar with the SBKA Children and Vulnerable Adults Protection Policy and that you adhere to its requirements

2.2      Plan your activities to avoid potential difficulties and know how you might deal with problems